Telikamyoonikayshanz eena Bileez

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Telikamyoonikayshanz eena Bileez inklyood rayjo, telivizhan, lan lain foan ahn selfoan, ahn di Intanet. Rayjo stayshan: ~25 rayjo stayshan braadkyaas pahn moa er les 50 difrant freekwensi (2007); di govament rayjo stayshan mi praivitaiz eena 1998. Nomba a rayjo: 133,000 (1997). Telivizhan stayshan: 8 praivit oan TV stayshan; molti-chanil kaybl TV shoa farin stayshan (2007). Nomba a telivizhan set: 41,000 (1997). Telecommunications in Belize include radio, television, fixed and mobile telephones, and the Internet. Radio stations: ~25 radio stations broadcasting on roughly 50 different frequencies (2007); state-run radio was privatized in 1998.[1]Radios: 133,000 (1997). Television stations: 8 privately owned TV stations; multi-channel cable TV provides access to foreign stations (2007). Television sets: 41,000 (1997)