Soashal schroksha a Bileez

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Bileez soashal schroksha maak bai difrans weh stay oava di yaaz eena how moni, powa, ahn presteej dischribyoot. Sayka di smaal saiz a di Bileez papulayshan ahn di kloasnis a how pipl eena sosaiyiti rilayt tu eech ada, di soashal distans bitween rich ahn poa noh soh big laik eena ada Kyaribeeyan ahn Senchral Amerikan plays, laik Jumayka er El Salvador, bot dat da noh fi seh di difrans noh impoatant. Bot Bileez noh ga di klaas ahn rayshal vailens weh yu ku si klyaa klyaa eena di soashal laif a ih Senchral Amerikan nayba dehn.

Belize's social structure is marked by enduring differences in the distribution of wealth, power, and prestige. Because of the small size of Belize's population and the intimate scale of social relations, the social distance between the rich and the poor, while significant, is nowhere as vast as in other Caribbean and Central American societies, such as Jamaica and El Salvador. Belize lacks the violent class and racial conflict that has figured so prominently in the social life of its Central American neighbors.