Senchral Bank a Bileez

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Di Senchral Bank a Bileez da di sentral bank eena Bileez, establish eena 1982. A. Joy Grant da di prezent (2019) Govna Jenaral a di Senchral Bank a Bileez. Bifoa di Senchral Bank mi establish, da-mi di Moniteri Atoriti a Bileez, wich mi deh fahn 1976 tu 1981. Di Boad a Komishinaz a Korensi mi deh bifoa dat, fahn 1894. Da datideh Boad weh mi kaaz di Bileez dala fi divalyu, ahn soh mek aal di korensi komoashan weh staat op di Nashanalis Moovment a di 1950s. The Central Bank of Belize is the central bank of Belize, established in 1982. A. Joy Grant serves as the present (2019) Governor of the Central Bank of Belize. The Central Bank is the natural successor to the Monetary Authority of Belize, established from 1976 to 1981, and the Board of Commissioners of Currency running from 1894. The latter is responsible for the devaluation crisis that led to the Nationalist Movement of the 1950s.