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Rosalie T. Staines

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This article was written by Silvaana Udz for The Belize Times

Rosalie T. Staines mi baan Febiweri 24, 1948 [wayk op ded Maach 29, 2019] tu di layt Victoria Wesby ahn Domingo Staines. Rosalie faamli mi gaahn liv da Staytz wen shee mi 7 yaaz oal. Wail da Staytz, shee mi du ih erli skoolin. Den ih mi kohn bak da Bileez fu di hai skool, da Palotti. Afta dat, ih gaan bak da Staytz, bai wich taim Rosalie mi don di divelop fi shee yuneek stail. Wail da Staytz, Los Angilgeez ayra, shee mi spen sohn yaaz di du paraleegal werk. Pahn tap a dat, Rosalie da-mi wa priti yong gyal, di du lee modlin werk pahn di ej. [NOAT: Rosalie T. Staines mi ga di paupla rayjo/TV shoa "Oapn Paki" -- weh ih mi naym eena di Kriol langwij-- fu oava 15 yaaz.] The Belize Times