Jeeyalaji a Bileez

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Da fahn di Inglish verzhan a Wikipedia moas a dis aatikl geh chranslayt, ahn di chanslayshan bays moasli pahn di meenin, noh werd-fi-werd.
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Bileezyan jeeyalaji moasli mek op wid difrant kaina laimstoan, eksep fi di Maiya Mongtinz, wich da wahn laaj pees a granit ahn sediment weh push op fahn di Paleyozoayik Peeryad. Ih ron naatees tu sowtees kraas di sowt-senchral paat a di konchri. Sevral mayja faalt lain deh eena dehnya hailan, bot moas a Bileez deh owtsaid ertkwayk zoan weh ron chroo moas a Senchral Amerika. Joorin di Krotayshos Peeryad, wat da now di westan paat a di Maiya Mongtin mi deh abov see levil. Dis mi faam di oaldis lan ayrya eena Senchral Amerika, di Mongtin Pain Rij platoa. Di lata hil deh rong di Maiya Mongtinz mek fahn Krotayshos laimstoan. Yu ku noa dehnya ayrya sayka dehn kaast schrokcha wid ih lata tipikal sinkhoal, kayv, ahn andagrong krik. Kompyaa tu di Mongtin Pain Rij, sohn a di grong eena dehnya reejan gud fi groa plaant ahn lata koltivayshan hapm joorin di paas 4,000 yaaz at lees. Moch a di naadan haaf a Bileez deh pahn di Yookatan Platfaam, weh ertkwayk noh hapm. Dis paat a di konchri moasli flat, bot sohn ayrya wid hilz deh, wid di kaast schrokcha, laik di Yalbak Hilz langsaid di westan boada wid Gwatemaala ahn di Malanti Hilz between Bileez Siti ahn Dangriga. Diposit a san ahn mod, sohn gud moa dan adaz fi groa plaant, kova di moa er les flat graaslan rong di koas. Belizean geology consists largely of varieties of limestone, with the notable exception of the Maya Mountains, a large uplifted block of intrusive Paleozoic granite and sediments running northeast to southwest across the south-central part of the country. Several major faults rive these highlands, but much of Belize lies outside the tectonically active zone that underlies most of Central America. During the Cretaceous Period, what is now the western part of the Maya Mountains stood above sea level, creating the oldest land surface in Central America, the Mountain Pine Ridge plateau.The hilly regions surrounding the Maya Mountains are formed from Cretaceous limestone. These areas are characterized by a karst topography that is typified by numerous sinkholes, caverns, and underground streams. In contrast to the Mountain Pine Ridge, some of the soils in these regions are quite fertile and have been cultivated during at least the past 4,000 years.Much of the northern half of Belize lies on the Yucatán Platform, a tectonically stable region. Although mostly level, this part of the country also has occasional areas of hilly, karst terrain, such as the Yalbac Hills along the western border with Guatemala and the Manatee Hills between Belize City and Dangriga. Alluvial deposits of varying fertility cover the relatively flat landscapes of the coastal plains.