Hischri a Bileez (1506–1862)

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Da fahn di Inglish verzhan a Wikipedia moas a dis aatikl geh chranslayt, ahn di chanslayshan bays moasli pahn di meenin, noh werd-fi-werd.
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Bileez deh pahn di ees koas a Senchral Amerika, sowtees a Meksiko. Hoo mi liv ya da-mi indijinos peepl hoo mi fait aaf di peepl fahn Spayn soh mek dehn prisaav dehn heritij ahn noh sofa laik dehn nayba hoo di Spanish mi kongka. Sayhn taim dis mi-di hapn, British pairat dehn uda teef fahn Spanish merchant ship ahn mek dehn way chroo di showl ahn smaal ailan dehn. Dehn eevn mi gaahn op riva fi haid di richiz dehn mi teef. Di indijinos peepl a Bileez neva fait aaf di British laik dehn mi du di Spanish. Bot eena di 17t senchri, di British setlment bikom wahn ofishal British kalani fahn 1862 tu 1964. Eena 1964, Bileez geh self-govament ahn layta eena 1981, Bileez geh ih indipendans. Di werl aksep it, tugeda wid aal ih lan ahn see. Joorin di 18t senchri, di British mi bring peepl hoo mi foas fi bee slayvz, fahn di Kongo ahn Angola.

Belize, on the east coast of Central America, southeast of Mexico, was inhabited by the indigenous peoples who fought off the Spaniards in an attempt to preserve their heritage and to avoid the fate of their neighbors who were conquered and under Spanish rule. While this was going on, British Pirates would rob Spanish merchant ships and navigate through the shallow waters and small islands even going up river later to hide their bounty. The indigenous people of Belize did not resist the British like they did the Spanish. In the 17th century, however, the British settlement became a formal British crown colony from 1862 through 1964, where they first achieved self government and later in 1981 became an independent country recognized globally with all its territory intact. The British brought along with them slaves taken from Congo and Angola during the eighteenth century.