Bileez Ak 1981

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Di Bileez Ak 1981 (1981. k.52) da-mi wahn Ak a Paalyament eena di Yoonaitid Kingdom. Pahn Joolai 28, 1981, di ting dehn staat op weh mi hafu hapn fi mek Bileez (weh yoostu bi British Handooras) geh ih indipendans ahn jain di Kamanwelt a Nayshanz az Bileez doz bilang tu Inglan bifoa ih indipendans. Bifoa indipendans, Bileez da-mi British kalani, wid self-govament fahn 1973. Bileez geh ih indipendans pahn 21 Septemba 1981.

The Belize Act 1981 (1981 c. 52) was an Act of Parliament in the United Kingdom. It came into operation on 28 July 1981. The Act made provisions for the nation of Belize (formerly British Honduras) to gain full independence and become a member of the Commonwealth of Nations as a Commonwealth realm; prior to this, Belize had been a fully self-governing British colony from 1973. Belize became independent on 21 September 1981.